Business Loan: Become Your Boss

Business Loan: Become Your Boss

In this ever-growing world of constant change, one thing has remained constant, businesses! Be it small-scale or multinational, starting a business always seems profitable to people. In this age of ideas, the craze for a business start-up is on the hype, but establishing a business, in reality, is not an easy task and also not within everyone’s budget. A Business Loan is a tool that helps one overcome the financial barrier between their ideas of starting a business and reality. To avail of this facility, the interested candidates apply for the loan and sign a contract to pay the debt within a set period along with the interest charges as agreed by both parties.

Functions of Business Loan

There are primarily three functions of this loan:

  • Starting Business

The loan amount, in this case, acts as the primary capital required to start a business from scratch. It allows the owner to properly look upon every aspect of the company and improve quality without worrying about the funds.

  • Running Business

There are indeed ups and downs in every business, and holding the company together during harsh times is quite tricky. The amount provided as a loan, in this case, helps the company to keep running and is used to pay for the expenses that the company itself is unable to pay at that time.

  • Expanding Business

Depending upon one’s income to expand the business is a prolonged and time-consuming process. A loan, in this case, helps the company to expand the business to a larger extent while keeping the company running smoothly.

Key Terms of Business Loan

A loan is a legal contract between the one borrowing the money and the lender; hence, it is advised to be familiar with the essential terms these loans involve.

  • Interest

Loan amounts are not a heartfelt gesture by the lender; instead, they charge money to give out a loan known as an interest amount. It is added to the total amount borrowed, and then the borrower has to pay the sum of interest and the initial amount that was given as a loan to the lender. The interest may be the same throughout the loan or it may vary, depending upon the type of loan one agrees to take.

  • Payback Period

It is the duration that the lender allows the borrower to repay the amount along with interests.

  • Collateral

It is something valuable which may be real estate or other kinds of assets offered to the lender as a security for the loan. The lender is liable to seize the collateral in case of expiration of the payback period.